What is the best reforge for talismans for damage?

Is strength or crit damage better?

Due to the Fact that Strength and Crit Damage are now equal in terms of Damage (assuming you crit with every hit), you’ll need the same amount of Strength and Crit Damage to maximize your Damage.

What reforge for talismans give crit chance?

Godly/Zealous for uncommon and common talismans for Crit chance and itchy for Crit damage. Make sure that you get godly on your talismans till you get 80 chance with your armor and then reforge the rest to itchy or strong.

What is the best reforge after the strength Nerf?

The best sword reforge is Fabled since strength nerf due to the ability.

Is crit rate good in Genshin impact?

Critical hit rate is one of the most sought-after damage stats in “Genshin Impact” along with critical hit damage. Both of these stats combined can lead to insane damage numbers due to their multiplicative nature and their interaction with elemental combos. However, increasing one’s CRIT Rate can be a pain.

What is a good crit damage Hypixel skyblock?

For optimal damage: your crit damage should be approximately 2/3rds of your strength.

How do you get silky in skyblock?

The recipe requires a Silky Lichen, a Rare item which can only be obtained by completing the Woods Race in 18 seconds or less.

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Does pure give crit chance?

unstable armor gives base crit chance, so with pure on it, you will have a lot of crit chance.

How much does a God potion sell for?

Tips. It is recommended for Mid-Game players to obtain this item, as it is very good for its price on the Auction House. The easiest way of obtaining this item is claiming the free Booster Cookie, wait to gain 1,500 Bits and then purchasing it at Elizabeth in the Community Center. Its approximate value is ≈904k coins.