What does Talisman mean in English?

1 : an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune. 2 : something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects.

What is the opposite of a talisman?

(cursed object) Opposite of an object or trinket believed to have magical powers. cursed object. voodoo doll. bad juju. bad omen.

How do you use talisman in a sentence?

Talisman sentence example

  1. He wore a glowing talisman on a leather chain around his neck. …
  2. I don’t use history to predict the future, like some talisman that lets me pick winning lottery numbers (don’t I wish). …
  3. He placed the talisman on the door frame of Hannah’s cell.

What is the root of talisman?

1630s, “magical figure cut or engraved under certain observances,” from French talisman, in part via Arabic tilsam (plural tilsaman), from Byzantine Greek telesma “talisman, religious rite, payment,” earlier “consecration, ceremony,” originally in ancient Greek “completion,” from telein “perform (religious rites), pay …

Where would you most likely find a talisman?

A talisman is usually worn around the neck but could exist in other forms, like a ring or inscribed stone.

What part of speech is Talisman?


part of speech: noun
inflections: talismans
definition 1: an object, often worn or carried as an ornament, that is believed to protect, or give one supernatural powers. She believed in the power of her talisman and never removed it from around her neck. similar words: amulet, charm
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How do I get a talisman?

A talisman can be found for free in level 4-1, but to access this, players must defeat the Phalanx and then find and speak to the Monumental. After he unlocks all the Archstones, head over to the one furthest right and teleport to the level called Island’s Edge.

Is a cross a talisman?

Christian Talismans

The cross represents Christ’s victory over death and sin, since it is believed that through His death he conquered death itself.

What is the difference between Amulet and talisman?

The terms amulet and talisman are often used interchangeably, but a talisman is sometimes defined as an engraved amulet. Natural amulets are of many kinds: precious stones, metals, teeth and claws of animals, bones, plants, and so on. Man-made amulets, equally varied, include religious medallions and small figurines.

What does talisman mean in Lord of the Flies?

talisman. a trinket thought to be a magical protection against evil. By him stood Piggy still holding out the talisman, the fragile, shining beauty of the shell. inquisitive.