What act does Abigail accuse Elizabeth of witchcraft?

Act 2. We learn via Cheever that Abigail has charged Elizabeth Proctor as a witch (Act 2, p. 69).

What does Abigail say when she accuses Elizabeth?

There be no blush about my name… [Elizabeth Proctor] hates me, uncle, she must, for I would not be her slave. It’s a bitter woman, a lying, cold, sniveling woman, and I will not work for such a woman! … Abigail denies she has done anything wrong and blames Elizabeth entirely.

What is Abigail accused of in Act 3?

Proctor stops Mary from leaving and grabs Abigail by the hair in fury, calling her a whore. He admits to their affair and explains that Abigail accused his wife of witchcraft because she wants to be with him. Danforth is horrified, and Abigail refuses to respond to the accusations, which disturbs Danforth even further.

Who does Abigail accuse of witchcraft in The Crucible?

Elizabeth Proctor is accused of witchcraft by Abigail Williams because Abigail wants to marry Elizabeth’s husband, John, with whom she had an affair while serving in the Proctor household. “She wants me dead,” says Elizabeth of Abigail, and indeed, Abigail does intend for Elizabeth to die.

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What is Act 2 of the Crucible about?

Act 2 of The Crucible takes us to the Proctor household, where we learn just how crazy things have gotten in Salem after the initial flood of accusations. We’ll also find out the extent to which John Proctor’s relationship with Elizabeth has suffered after his affair.

Who does Abigail first accuse of witchcraft?

Abigail leads the girls in court in their witchcraft accusations. One night, stuck by a pin, Abigail accuses Elizabeth Proctor of creating a poppet (a sort of voodoo doll) and sticking it with a pin to harm her.

Who is accused in Act 3 of the crucible?

Act III begins in the Salem meeting house. The court questions and accuses Martha Corey of witchcraft. Giles Corey interrupts the court proceedings and declares that Thomas Putnam is “reaching out for land!” He is removed from the courtroom and taken to the vestry room.

Where does Act 4 of the crucible take place?

This act takes place in a jail cell in Salem. Marshal Herrick wakes up the occupants, Sarah Good and Tituba, to move them to a different cell. The two women speak of their plans to fly away to Barbados after the Devil comes for them and transforms them into bluebirds.

How does Act 3 of the crucible end?

In the end, the judge believes Abigail, Mary goes back to her, and John is condemned to prison with the others, but Reverend Hale now sees the absurdity of the court. He renounces it and refuses to participate further.

Why does Abigail accuse Mary Warren of witchcraft?

The other girls became angry with Mary and began accusing her of being a witch because she had told the high court that all the girls were lying that they saw the devil. She was formally accused of witchcraft on April 18, 1692.

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Who is accused of witchcraft in Act 2 of the Crucible?

Cheever spies the doll Mary Warren gave her. He finds a needle inside it. Cheever relates that Abigail had a fit at dinner in Parris’s house that evening. Parris found a needle in her abdomen, and Abigail accused Elizabeth of witchcraft.

Why does Proctor think Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft?

Proctor believes that Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft because: Abigail wants revenge on Proctor for rejecting her. … When Elizabeth says to Proctor, “The magistrate sits in your heart that judges you,” she means that Proctor: carries the knowledge of his own guilt in his heart.

What does Reverend Parris do in Act 1?

Reverend Parris’ concerns about his reputation take center stage, so to speak, in Act 1. Parris initially insists that there are “no unnatural causes” for Betty’s illness, not because he’s devoted to science and rationality, but because he fears that he will be disgraced if witchcraft is discovered under his roof.