How do I keep the black cat alive in Divinity 2?

What do you do with the Black Cat in dos2?

As a token of appreciation, the black cat will grant you the Summon Cat Familiar skill, which consists of two spells: Feline Leap and Swap Places. Feline Leap allows you to summon the black cat to jump to a location during combat. The Swap Places spell causes the black cat to teleport and swap places with its master.

Is there any way to save Atusa?

Its completely impossible to save Atusa. I know its perfectly possible to avoid encountering Dallis and her croonies there, but there is no way to actually prevent them from killing her. If you attack them, Dallis kills Atusa on her first turn. If you teleport Atusa away, She still dies.

Can you save birdie?

Character information

Use the Elaborate Cage Key on the desk near the bed to let Birdie out of his cage. 1,000 Experience for letting Birdie out. You will get 1,400 Experience for saving Birdie from turning or assisting him by killing him like he asks.

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Should I kill Daeyena dos2?

If you kill Daeyena, she will drop the Greaves and Boots of Contamination. Elf party members who eat Daeyena’s arm will learn Trigger Spores, which detonates spores made by the armor. … You can choose to fight her again if you want to loot her Greaves and Boots.

How do you keep a black cat alive?

To keep the black furball alive, you’ll have to remember about several important things:

  1. Keep the cat away from magisters. …
  2. The cat will stick to ONE of your party members, not your party as a whole. …
  3. The cat will flee from combat, and turns will have nothing on it! …
  4. The cat likes to vanish after combat!

How do you save Delorus?

Delorus Information

  1. Can be given a healing potion to save him.
  2. Appears as a level 16 archer ally in Act 3 in the quest A Familiar Face if you save him in Act 1.
  3. Does not give experience when killed.

Why does Dallis turn into a dragon?

Dallis can take on a dragon form, which can be revealed either when fighting her at Fort Joy or in the final battle in Arx. … In the final battle, she will morph into a dragon after the fight escalates into one that will decide the fate of Rivellon.

What card is Ralvo holding?

You can win against Ralvo by playing The Sparkler Card, this can be obtained from Dain.

Who is Paladin cork?

Cork is a paladin standing outside Fort Joy fortress. He is arguing with magister captain Trippel and demanding entry to the fort. He was sent there to investigate the rumour that Magisters are mistreating sourcerers. If the godwoken get into conflict with magisters he aids them in combat.

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How do you save Emmie the dog?

Emmie is in the Fort Joy Prison inside the Houndmaster’s Room. Send your Pet Pal companion to get inside the room first, then pacify Emmie by mentioning Buddy and that he misses her very much. Alternatively, you can kill the dogs, or throw a red ball for the dogs to play with.

How do I get the collar off Divinity 2?

Talk to Nebora

Once you’re outside again, pass through the Camp Kitchen and locate Nebora’s tent down the steps just beyond the Shrine. Speak to Nebora, and confirm that you’re the Fort Joy arena champion. After your conversation, Nebora will remove the Source Collar from your personal character.

Is the contamination set good?

For those looking to poison their foes into submission, the Contamination set is arguably the best armor. … Those that need boosts in their Hydrosophist and Geomancy will immediately find this set useful, but those desiring poisonous tactics can revel in toxic bliss after donning these pieces of sinister plate armor.

Can I return to Fort joy after I leave?

No you can`t return to Ford Joy after the Escape but you get a pop up that asks you if you really want to leave the island. However i highly recommend to do all quest first before leaving.

What do Phoenix hearts do in Divinity 2?

What The Phoenix Heart Does. When consumed by an elf, the Phoenix Heart will grant the eater the spell Flaming Tongues. Only an elf may gain knowledge by consuming flesh; if any other race eats the Phoenix Heart, they will not learn the spell and will simply become Diseased.

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