You asked: What does the name Breaux mean?

French (Bréaux): metathesized form of Beraud, a Germanic personal name composed of the elements ber(n) ‘bear’ + wald ‘rule’.

What nationality is the name Breaux?

The prestigious surname Breaux originated in the beautiful and majestic region of Poitou in France. France was notorious for its eccentric kings, but it was revered for its contributions to European art and culture. The surname Breaux originally came from the region of Poitou.

What does the name Kromer mean?

Kromer comes from Germany, where it is an occupational surname. It means ‘small seller’ or ‘retailer’.

What does the name Sutera mean?

From Japanese 星 (sutera) meaning “star” or other kanji pronounced in the same way.

What does the name Tande mean?

Dutch (de Tande): nickname for someone with prominent or otherwise remarkable teeth, from tand ‘tooth’.

What does Kromer mean Deltarune?

A nonsense word for money used by the character Spamton G. Spamton in the video game Deltarune, possibly referring to Danish kroner.

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