What name means Goddess of Darkness?

Keket (Egyptian origin) meaning “Goddess of darkness”.

What name means darkness?

In addition to Jett, other boy names that mean dark in the US Top 1000 include Blake, Colton, Sullivan, and Kieran. … Phoenix is the top unisex name that means dark. Many word names conjure images of darkness, such as Ebony, Mahogany, Sable, and Midnight itself.

What girl name means evil?

Demon And Evil Girl Names:

  • Nimue: Nimue also called Niniane was an Arthurian sorceress. …
  • Batibat: Batibat is the vengeful demon from the Ilocano folklore. …
  • Hecate: Hecate is Latin for the Greek word Hekate, which means ‘worker from far off. …
  • Lezabel: …
  • Lamia: …
  • Lilith: …
  • Pandora: …
  • Mara:

What name means dark shadow?

Erebus (Greek origin), meaning “deep darkness” or “shadow”, can be an excellent baby name for your little boy.

What girl name means Black?

Kali – This Sanskrit name means “black.” Kerrin – This Irish name means “black.” Laila – This Arabic name means “night beauty.”

What Greek name means darkness?

Erebus (Greek origin) means “darkness”; also considered the primordial God of darkness.

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What are some dark female names?

The Biblical Influence on Dark Female Names

  • Raven.
  • Drusilla.
  • Malificent.
  • Elvira.
  • Cruella.
  • Esmerelda.
  • Morticia.
  • Belladonna.

What name means dark moon?

Esmeray is a Turkish name that means “dark moon,” which is such a cool and sophisticated choice. Esmeray might be a bit of a mouthful for a little one, so Esme is a great nickname option.

What is a cute black girl name?

Some of the prettiest black girl names are names with African roots that mean “beautiful” or have a beautiful meaning.

Beautiful Names for Black Girls.

Name Meaning
Konjit Beautiful; Amharic
Mbalenhle Beautiful flower; Zulu
Minenhle Beautiful day; Zulu
Monifa I am lucky; Yoruba

What is the creepiest girl name?

Baby girl names

  • Absinthe.
  • Annie (Wilkes, Misery)
  • Bella (Twilight)
  • Belladonna (poisonous plant; means “beautiful lady”)
  • Blair (The Blair Witch Project)
  • Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Carrie.
  • Clarice (The Silence of the Lambs)

What name means death female?

Merripen (English origin), a baby girl name meaning “death”. This name has a dark meaning. 51. Morana (Slavic origin), among the female names meaning “death”.

What name means angel of death?

The name Azrael is primarily a male name of Hebrew origin that means Angel Of Death. The name of an angel in Jewish and Muslim tradition who separated the soul from the body upon death. He is sometimes referred to as the Angel of Death.

What name means little dark one?

Ciarán (Irish spelling) or Ciaran (Scottish Gaelic spelling) is a traditionally male given name of Irish origin. It means “little dark one” or “little dark-haired one”, produced by appending a diminutive suffix to ciar (“black”, “dark”). It is the masculine version of the name Ciara.

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What are some dark names?

Dark Sounding Names

  • Ague (girl) – Term for Malaria.
  • Akeldama (boy) – field of blood; where Judas Iscariot committed suicide.
  • Dade (boy) – dark one.
  • Dolores (girl) – sorrows in Spanish.
  • Draven (m) – Child of the shadows.
  • Leila (girl) – Arabic for night.
  • Maleficent (girl) – working or productive of harm or evil.

What name means shadow girl?

15 Baby Girl Names That Mean Shadow

Shyama Shadow, radha, yamuna river Girl
Zella Shadow Girl
Zillah Hebrew – Shadow; Girl
Zylah Variation of Zilla which means Shadow Girl