What is a name that means kindness?

Gareth (Welsh) The name of a gentle knight, Gareth is kind and sensitive. 7. Kareem (Arabic) Also spelt Karim and Kerem, this is an Arabic name that means kind and generous. 8. Clement (English) As a first name, Clement is one who is merciful.

What name means good hearted?

834 Baby Names That Mean Kind

Aaryan Kind Hearted; Good to Others; Illustrious; Glorious; Renowned Girl
Aatif Kind and affectionate Boy
Aatikah Kind and affectionate Girl
Aavihshka the one who is very kind, warm and loving. Girl

What name means kind and gentle?

211 Baby Names That Mean Soft

Clemency Gentle; mild; soft; warm and hearty English
Clemente Merciful; lenient; soft hearted; loving; sweet tempered Italian,Sioux,Spanish
Clementeen One who is very gentle, kind and soft hearted English
Clementia One who is soft, gentle, good natured and lenient Late Roman,Spanish

What names mean caring?

Traditional Names Meaning Compassion

  • Anna (Hebrew, English): ‘gracious and merciful’.
  • Clemence (English, French): ‘mercy, compassion’.
  • Jeanne (Hebrew, French): ‘God had been merciful’.
  • John (Hebrew, English): ‘God had been merciful’.
  • Ian (Scottish; Hebrew): ‘God had been merciful’.
  • Hannah (Hebrew): ‘God is merciful’.
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What name means gentle?

Here are some female names meaning gentle.

  • Ahe — “Soft breeze” (which also works as a great nature dog name)
  • Adina — “Gentle or delicate”
  • Arudra — “Gentle”
  • Aura — “Gentle and optimistic”
  • Clarissa — “Bright and gentle”
  • Dalia — “Gentle or tender”
  • Damra — “Gentle girl”
  • Deeba — “Soft hearted”

What name means cuddly?

Dog Names Meaning Cuddly in Pop Culture

The role of Precious is played by Darla the Dog, whose name also can be connected to the word “cuddly”, meaning dearling or darling. Darla was born in 1975, a Bichon Frise animal actress who is best known for her role as “Precious” in this movie.

What name means pure heart?

Cristal (Greek origin) one of the names that means “a pure hearted person”.

What is the Greek name for kindness?

Charis (Greek: Χάρις) is a given name derived from a Greek word meaning “grace, kindness, and life.”

What boy name means kindness?

468 Baby Boy Names That Mean Kind

Adde Noble; Kind; Wise; Polite Christianity
Adelgunde A noble and kind warrior
Adelio An honourable and kind person
Ademar One who is popular for his kindness

What name means gentleness?

Adina (Hebrew): A Biblical name meaning delicate or gentle. 2.

What names mean kind hearted?

Most Popular Names That Mean Kind

  • Adelaide (Germanic) Directly meaning noble kind, Adelaide is associated with kindness and courtesy.
  • Agatha (Greek) Agatha means good woman and she is kind at heart.
  • Mercy (English) An old fashioned name that is making a comeback, Mercy is kind and just.
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What female name means kindness?

Baby Girl Names That Mean Kind:

  • Adalie – Means “kind or kind-hearted person.
  • Adalina – Means “of a noble kind”
  • Adalira – Means “kind person”
  • Adeline – Means “kind-hearted person”
  • Adella – Means “the brightness of kindness”
  • Adalyn – Means “noble and kind”
  • Agatha – Means “kind- hearted woman”
  • Ailia – Means “light”

What name means goodness?

The most common name that means good for girls is Evangeline, and Tobias ranks the highest for boys. … Along with Evangeline, other girl names that mean kind in the US Top 1000 include Winnie and Zuri.

What girl name means calm and peaceful?

75 Baby Girl Names That Mean Calm

Chesna A calm place Slavic
Chiraz Calm, peaceful and smooth person Arabic
Concord Calm, peace, tranquility, non-violence, still and quiet Middle English
Danniel Calm and soothing Hebrew

What name means delicate flower?

Aster is the name of a delicate, star-like flower.

What name means light?

Girl names that mean “light”

  • Alina: A Greek name, this means “light”
  • Aonani: This Hawaiian name means “beautiful light”
  • Ciana: Meaning “light,” this name has Italian roots.
  • Dawn: Of Old English origins, this name refers to the first appearance of light.
  • Ellen: This Greek name means “sun, ray, shining light”