What does the name shaday mean?

as a name for boys has its root in Arabic, and the meaning of Shaday is “singer”. Shaday is a variant form of Shadi (Arabic).

What does the name Raihan mean?

In Muslim Baby Names the meaning of the name Raihan is: Sweet basil.

What does the name Adisa mean for a girl?

In African Baby Names the meaning of the name Adisa is: The clear one.

What does the name Vivianna mean?

Vivianna means “alive” (from Latin “vivus”).

How does Sade spell her name?

”Shar-day. ” The name–and its pronunciation–is Nigerian and is simply a derivative of the singer`s full name, Helen Folasade Adu. Sade was born 50 miles outside the Nigerian capital of Lagos to an African father and a British mother.

Is Raihan a girl or boy?

Raihan Name Meaning

Name: Raihan
Gender: Boy
Meaning: ‘A sweet smelling plant, any flower besides rose, comfort.’
Urdu / Hindi : ‘ ‘
Lucky Number: ‘Raihan lucky number is 5’

Is Raihan a female name?

Raihan – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Is Rayhan a girl name?

The name Rayhan is primarily a male name of Arabic origin that means Sweet Basil.

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What nationality is the name Adisa?

Ashanti of Ghana name meaning one who will teach us.

Baby Name: Adisa.

gender either
origin African
popularity unpopular
syllables 3
starts with A

What does Adisa mean in Yoruba?

Means “one who is clear” in Yoruba.

Is Vivianna a Mexican name?

Viviana is the Italian and Spanish female form of Vivian, original a boy’s name via an Old French form of the Late Latin Vivianus which comes from “vivus” meaning ‘alive. … However, today, the name is more commonly female, and Viviana is the Latinate form used by the Italians and Spanish.

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Is Viviana Italian?

An Italian form of Vivian, Viviana means alive.