What does the name Nakita mean?

Nakita is a name that is given to baby girls and is of American origin. The meaning of Nakita is ‘unconquered’ and is a derivative of Nikita. … Nakita is considered a popular name for girls and ranked in the top 59% of names.

Where is the name Nakita from?

The name Nakita is primarily a female name of American origin that means Victory Of The People.

What does the name Nikita mean for a girl?

The name Nikita is a girl’s name of Russian origin meaning “victor; house”.

What does the name Maisy mean for a girl?

Origin:Greek. Popularity:2100. Meaning:child of light; pearl.

What does the name Valerie mean for a girl?

Origin. Word/name. Latin nomen Valerius. Meaning. Strong, brave (valiant), “Fierce”

How popular is the name Nakita?

Nakita is considered a popular name for girls and ranked in the top 59% of names.

What does Nikita mean in Hindi?

Nikita is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Nikita name meanings is Earth, Victorious. … Nikita is written in Hindi as निकिता, नीकीथा .

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What does the name Nikita mean in Indian?

Nikita is indeed an Indian name as well as Russian. It’s possible for a name to have more than one origin. In India, Nikita is a feminine name translated either as “earth” or, occasionally, “sleep” (from Sanskrit).

What is the Rashi of name Nikita?

Rashi of Name Nikita is vruschika and Nakshatra is anuradha.

Is Maisy a rare name?

How common is the name Maisy for a baby born in 2020? … In 2020 there were 211 baby girls named Maisy. 1 out of every 8,299 baby girls born in 2020 are named Maisy.

What is Tallulah in Maisy?

Tallulah is a yellow duck (although she has been called a chickie). She is 4 years old who is friends with Maisy. She is always seen wearing a skirt and bow, her usual outfit is a blue ribbon and a red dress with blue spots. She enjoys dancing and playing games with her friends, she is very energetic and happy.

Is Koy a name?

The surname Koy (Arabic: كوى, Hindi: कोय, Marathi: कोय, Russian: Кой) has its highest incidence in Cambodia. It may appear as a variant:. For other potential spellings of this name click here.

What does Valeria mean in Spanish?

Valeria or Valéria is a female given name dating back to the Latin verb valere, meaning strong, brave and health “to be strong”.

Is Valerie a vintage name?

The name of a martyred medieval saint, Valerie has been on the popularity list since its earliest publication in 1880. … The original name Valeria, came into use in the 1890s, followed soon after by the French form Valerie, which rapidly became the more accepted form.

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