What does the name Mariah mean?

The name Mariah is primarily a female name of American origin that means Bitter, Or From The Sea.

Is Mariah a rare name?

Mariah is a variant of the given name Maria. … The name was rarely given in the United States prior to the 1990s, when it rose in popularity from rank 562 in 1989 to rank 62 in 1998, in imitation of the name of singer Mariah Carey (whose “Vision of Love” topped the charts in 1990).

What is the personality of the name Mariah?

When people hear the name Mariah, they perceive you as someone who is full of life, uplifting, inspiring, and even charming. You are the life of the party with your lively, intelligent, and witty personality. Others will find you as strikingly attractive and like being the center of attention.

Does Mariah mean Star of the Sea?

Mariah means “sea of bitterness”, “drop of the sea”, “star of the sea”, “rebelliousness”, “exalted one”, “beloved” and “wished for child”.

What does the name Mariah mean in Native American?

MARIAH: Baby name books claim that this name means “wind” in some unspecified Native American language .

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Is Mariah a good name?

Though Mariah reached a peak in the mid-1990s, it is still a popular choice. Mariah may derive from Hebrew Moriah, meaning “the Lord is my teacher”. It may also be a variant form of Maria, the meaning of which is uncertain.

Is Mariah an Irish name?

Mariah in Irish is Máire.

Is Mariah a form of Mary?

Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Mariah

Maria, in turn, is the Latin form of the English name Mary. Both Maria and Mary are derived from the New Testament name Miriam (Hebrew: Miryam), a name whose etymological origin is in question.

What does Mariah mean in Greek?

American singer Mariah Carey was born in 1970. Details Meaning: An English form of Maria, the Latin form of Mariam or Miriam, from New Testament Greek, possibly, meaning “rebellious”, but probably going even further back to Ancient Egyptian origins mr, meaning “love” or mry, “beloved”. Gender: Girl.

Is Mariah an Arabic name?

The meaning of Mariah is ‘The Lord is my teacher. ‘ Mariah Origin / Usage is ‘ Arabic Baby Names ‘ . This name is especially approved for ‘Girls’ Gender.

What does Karen mean?

Karen originated as a Danish name, arising from the Greek word Aikaterine, which is believed to mean “pure.” Kaja and Katherine are both related Danish names. In French, the name can also mean “clear,” though it retains the meaning of “pure” across most other backgrounds. … Gender: Karen is usually a girl’s name.

Is Mary a Hebrew name?

The name Mary was derived from the ancient Hebrew name Miriam. Miriam was the name of Moses’ sister in the Old Testament of the Bible. … Origin: In Latin editions of the Bible, the name Miriam (or Maryam, an Aramaic variant) was rendered as Maria.

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What is the Native American word for spirit?

Manitou (/ˈmænɪtuː/), akin to the Iroquois orenda, is the spiritual and fundamental life force among Algonquian groups in the Native American theology.