What does the name Geraldine mean in English?

What is the meaning of the name Geraldine? The name Geraldine is primarily a female name of English origin that means Rules With Spear. Feminine form of Gerald.

What does the name Geraldine mean in the Bible?

Geraldine name meanings is Spear ruler.

Where did the name Geraldine originate from?

Geraldine (name)

Word/name French, Old German
Meaning Spear Ruler
Other names
Related names Gerald, Jerald, Jeraldine

Is Geraldine a common name?

Geraldine was in the top 100 most popular girls’ names for 34 consecutive years.

Is Geraldine a saint name?

The meaning of Geraldine is “spear ruler” and the name come from the name of a saint who joined a monastery to spend time in solitude in his prayers.

What does Spear rule mean?

From a Germanic name meaning “rule of the spear”, from the elements ger meaning “spear” and wald meaning “rule”. The Normans brought this name to Britain. Though it died out in England during the Middle Ages, it remained common in Ireland. It was revived in the English-speaking world in 19th century.

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When was the name Geraldine popular?

Geraldine was at its hottest from the 1910s through the forties, peaking at Number 38 in 1931. It was invented in the time of Henry VIII by a noble poet who fell in love with a Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald and, taking off from her surname, referred to her as the “Faire Geraldine.”

How old is the name Geraldine?

Geraldine is a name with an interesting history of usage in the United States. It dates back to the late 19th century (which is as far back as we have available data). Geraldine entered the 20th century with moderate usage but was already showing signs of promise.

How do you say Geraldine in Irish?

Geraldine in Irish is Geraroidín.

What girl name is Gerry short for?

Geraldine (#1719 FROM RECENT DATA), Geralyn, Geri, Gerri, Gerrie, Jere, Jeri, Jerrie and Jerry are the prominent variation forms of Gerry.

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What name in the Bible means gift from God?

Looking for a classic name with a deep meaning? Behold Mathew. This Hebrew name means “gift from God.” With its unique twist on the traditional spelling of Michael, this Latin name also means “gift from God.”

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