What does the name Elle mean?

Elle is a female name, which is usually pronounced “Ell”, but is sometimes pronounced “Ellie”. It derives from the French pronoun “elle”, meaning “she”. The name can also be a shortened version of names such as Eloise, Elizabeth, Eliza, Felicia, Amelia, Michelle, Danielle, Gabrielle and Eleanor, Leslie or Lindsey.

What does the name Elle mean in the Bible?

▲ as a girls’ name is of Greek, Hebrew and Old German origin, and Elle means “sun ray; other, foreign; God is my oath”. Elle is a variant form of Elaine (Greek): French variant of Helen.

Does the name Elle have a meaning?

Elle Origin and Meaning

The name Elle is a girl’s name of French origin meaning “she”. Combine the charming heroine of the movie Legally Blonde with supermodel Elle Macpherson and the trend toward all names beginning with “el”—Ellie, Ella, Eleanor—and you have one hit name.

Does Elle mean beautiful fairy?

What does Ella mean? A short form of Eleanor and Ellen, meaning “light.” It can also mean “beautiful fairy woman” in English, and “all” or “other” in German.

Is Elle a good name?

In the past 10 years, Elle has advanced to higher levels of mild moderation but is still a fairly underused name. … Elle is such a minimalistic gorgeous name, so much more sophisticated and elegant that Ellie, we’d recommend Elle as a birth name and Ellie as a nickname.

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What middle names go with Elle?

Middle name ideas for a girl named Elle

  • Elle Alexandra.
  • Elle Arabella.
  • Elle Aubrey.
  • Elle Bethany.
  • Elle Brianna.
  • Elle Bridget.
  • Elle Camille.
  • Elle Catherine.

What does Elle mean in German?

noun. ulna [noun] (anatomy) the longer of the two bones in the forearm, extending between the elbow and the wrist, on the opposite side to the thumb. (Translation of Elle from the PASSWORD German–English Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)

What are the most unique girl names?

Classically Unique Baby Girl Names

  • Arya.
  • Brielle.
  • Chantria.
  • Dionne.
  • Everleigh.
  • Eloise.
  • Fay.
  • Genevieve.

Is Elle an Irish name?

Elle in Irish is Éibhlín.

How rare is the name Ella?

According to Social Security Administration data, Ella has gradually risen in popularity since 2000, where it was at its lowest rank of 264. It rose to its peak popularity in 2012 to position 12. However, it is the 45th most popular name on FamilyEducation.com.

What does Ella mean in Irish?

Gender: Girl. Meaning: Means ‘foreign’ or ‘moon’.

Is Elle pronounced Ellie?

Elle is elle as in the pronunciation of ell in sell or bell. Ellie is ellie as in the pronunciation of j-elly.

How many Elle’s are there in the world?

Elle magazine has over 69 million readers, with an audience of mostly women.

Elle (magazine)

Cover of the April 2020 issue, featuring Sophie Turner
Frequency Weekly (France only) Fortnightly (China only) Monthly (worldwide)
Circulation 335,025 (France)