What does the name Edna mean biblically?

In Hebrew, it means “pleasure”. Various women named Edna are referenced in the Old Testament apocryphal books Jubilees (where the wives of Enoch, Methuselah, and Terah are all so named) and Tobit. … Edna, as derived from Hebrew, is closely related etymologically to the name Eden.

What is the real meaning of Edna?

a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “rejuvenation, rebirth.”

When was the name Edna popular?

Edna basked in the sunlight of her glory days at the end of the 19th century up through the mid 20th century. The name achieved its greatest popularity right at the turn of the century when in 1899 Edna was the 11th most popular baby girl’s name nationwide.

What does Edna mean in Greek?

fem. proper name, from Greek, from Hebrew ednah “delight” (see Eden).

What ethnicity is the name Edna?

Edna is an Anglicized variant of the Irish name Edna and a biblical name of Hebrew origin.

Is Edna a Bible name?

Edna Origin and Meaning

Edna, which means delight, is a semi-biblical name–in the Apocrypha she is seen as a loving mother– and was enormously popular in this country in the late nineteenth century, reaching as high as Number 11. It also relates to Eden–another, more contemporary sounding, option.

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Is there an Edna in the Bible?

In the Book of Tobit, Edna is Raguel’s wife, Sarah’s mother, and the mother-in-law of Tobias, Tobit’s son. Edna has no biblical namesake; unlike the other women named in Tobit (Anna, Deborah, Eve, Sarah), her name does not evoke images from the Hebrew Bible.

Where does the name Edwina come from?

The name Edwina is a feminine form of the male name Edwin, which derives from Old English and means “rich friend.” Edwin was a popular name until the time of the Norman Conquest, then fell out of favour until Victorian times.


Meaning rich friend
Other names
Related names Edwin

Where does the name Enda come from?

The name Enda is a boy’s name meaning “like a bird”. An unusual Irish name which belongs to several historic Irish kings and heroes. Easy to spell and pronounce, this bouncy nature name has potential beyond Ireland’s shores.

Where does the name Edward come from?

Edward is an English given name. It is derived from Old English words ead, meaning ‘wealth’, ‘fortune’ or ‘prosperous’ and wear, meaning ‘guardian’ or ‘protector’.

Is Edna a Welsh name?

English form of the Irish Eithne, which is from the Gaelic meaning “kernal”.