What does the last name Gooden mean?

English: possibly a nickname from Middle English gode ‘good’ + hine ‘servant’.

What does the surname Gooden mean?

The Gooden surname finds its earliest origins with the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. Their name is derived from the baptismal name for the son of Godwin. Sale.

What nationality is the last name Golden?

Golden is a family name that can be of English, Jewish or Irish origin. It can be a variant spelling of Golding. It is also sometimes a given name, generally male.

What does the last name real mean?

The Real surname is derived from the Latin “regis, ” meaning “royal.” The Spanish word “rey” means “king,” while “reina” means “queen.” Bearing this name does not necessarily imply royal ancestry however; as, when surnames first began to be used in Medieval Spain, nicknames were often taken on as surnames. Sale.

What does the name Goodin mean?

Last name: Goodin

It is a patronymic formed of the elements “God” meaning “good” plus “(k)in” to create “son of God”.

Is the Golden family real?

Many surnames make up this huge family that have been traced back to Wilkes/Lincoln County Georgia. The families scattered into Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois and Texas and this was just the real early family members. Now Golden descendents are in every state of the United States.

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How rare is the last name Golden?

Golden Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
United States 66,555 1:5,446
England 2,171 1:25,665
Nigeria 1,845 1:96,012
Canada 1,655 1:22,263

Is Golden a male or female name?

The name Golden is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Covered In Gold; Blonde.

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What nationality is the last name Redford?

It was a name for someone who lived in Midlothian. However, the Redford family name comes from any of several place names in England called Redford, from Old English re-ad meaning “red” and ford, meaning “a place where a river can be crossed.”

What nationality is the name spear?

The surname Spear was first found in Renfrewshire (Gaelic: Siorrachd Rinn Friù), a historic county of Scotland, today encompassing the Council Areas of Renfrew, East Renfrewshire, and Iverclyde, in the Strathclyde region of southwestern Scotland.

What nationality is the name Goodin?

The ancestors of the name Goodin lived among the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. The surname was a patronymic surname created for an ancestor of someone named Good.