What does name Gustavo mean?

g(u)-sta-vo, gus-tavo. Origin:Mexican. Popularity:1279. Meaning:royal staff or staff of the gods.

What does the name Gustavo mean in the Bible?

Gustavo is a Spanish, Portuguese and Italian variant of Gustav. Gustav is a Scandinavian name, derived from the Old Norse ‘got’ which means ‘God’ and ‘stafr’, which means ‘staff’.

What is a nickname for Gustavo?

Nicknames for Gustavo

Gus Gussie Guti Tavo Tavito.

Is Gustavo a common name?

It is a common name for Swedish monarchs since the reign of Gustav Vasa. The name has entered other languages as well. In French it is Gustave; in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish it is Gustavo.

Gustav (name)

Related names Gustaf, Gustavo, Gistav, Gostislav, Gustl, Kustas

Is Gustavo a girl name?

The name Gustavo is a boy’s name of Spanish, Latin origin.

What does Gustavo mean in Greek?

It is derived from Gustav /ˈɡʊstɑːv/, also spelled Gustaf, of Old Swedish origin, possibly meaning “staff of the Geats”, derived from the Old Norse elements Gautr (“Geat”) and stafr (“staff”).

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What is a unique boy name?

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