Question: What does the name Satana mean?

Satana, name for the Devil in various languages, variation of Satan.

What is the meaning of Satana?

noun. Satan [noun] the Devil; the spirit of evil.

What does the name Zur mean?

Biblical Names Meaning:

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Zur is: Stone; rock; that besieges.

What does the name shini mean?

(Shini Pronunciations)

In Indian, the name Shini means – to shine among all. The name Shini originated as an Indian name. The name Shini is most often used as a girl name or female name. Indian Name Meaning – to shine among all.

What does the name Bekki mean?

Bekki. as a girls’ name is of Hebrew derivation, and the meaning of the name Bekki is “to bind”. Bekki is an alternate spelling of Rebecca (Hebrew).

What is the meaning of Satana in Urdu?

The Urdu Word ستانا Meaning in English is Harming.

What do we say Nag in English?

A cobra is a kind of poisonous snake.

Where is the name zur from?

Jewish (Israeli): ornamental name from Hebrew tsur ‘rock’. In some cases it may also be a translation of some Ashkenazic surname with similar meaning (e.g. Fels or Stein).

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What is the meaning of Zor?

ज़ोरزور force, strength, power, influence.

What does shini mean in Sanskrit?

MEANING OF SANSKRIT NAME ☺ Shini शिनि- one who cuts down, warrior, Name of a warrior tribe.