Which wall do you think separates the poet from his dream?

Answer: The poem is pessimistic because the speaker talks about a wall which separates him from his dream. This wall is the attitude / prejudices / racism of society towards black people. The “wall” separates him from his dream (because he is black) and has fewer chances to succeed (than whites).

What are the poets feelings with reference to the wall?

The poet sees a dream but unfortunately a wall separates them. He is not able to see the dream. His dream is to achieve racial discrimination. The dark represents discrimination and persecution and the light represents hope for the future.

Where is the poet trying to in the dream?

The poet is going beyond the Earth in his dream.

What does the poet see in his dream?

What does the poet see in his dreams? Answer: The. poet sees magnified apples appearing and disappearing in his dreams.

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What is the dream of the poet?

The poet in the poem dreams about his earlier times of his childhood when he had listened to the patter of the raindrops falling on the roof,and to his fond mother who made him sleep while he was asleep.

What do the invaders do to the poet?

What do the invaders do to the poet? The invaders enter the castle through the doors left unguarded. They climb up into his turret over the arms and the back of his chair. They surround him, devour him Page 2 Absolutely prepared at home with kisses and encircle him in their arms so that there is no chance of escape.

What is the poet’s feeling towards?

What is the poet’s feeling towards childhood? Answer: The poet, basically, seems to be obsessed about his childhood and, more so, about its loss. He feels very nostalgic and lament over the fact that his childhood will never come back.

What do you think the poet dreams of Innisfree?

Answer: The poem focuses on Innisfree as a place of escape for the speaker. The speaker describes Innisfree as a simple, natural environment where he will build a cabin and live alone. … The speaker is only dreaming of “getting away from it all.”Even if he never goes, he will at least have the mental escape.

What kind of country is the poet dreaming of in where?

In the poem “Where The Mind Is Without Fear,” we find the poet dreaming of India as a country with independence and self-respect.

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Which person does the poet remember in his dreams?

The poet remembers his mother when it rains. It reminds him of the moments when his mother used to tuck him in the bed to sleep. She used to watch him sleeping all the night till dawn when he was asleep.

How did the dream after the poet?

Explanation: Answer: The dream altered the poet by bringing his heart close to the oak trees.

What did the speaker dream about the room?

Ans-The speaker’s dream was to play the role of Rama, Laxmana or Hanuman in the school annual day play. Her dream came true when Alka – the girl playing the role of Hanuman fell ill and so the teacher asked the speaker to play Hanuman in the place of the girl Alka. 2.

What does the poet see in his dreams in the poem after apple picking?

In his dream, he keeps going over and over the things he has done during the day. He sees the stems of the apples, he feels the ladder under his foot, he hears the apples being dumped — he’s basically reliving his day.

What is the message of a dream within a dream?

The poem expresses doubt and uncertainty about the nature of reality, questioning whether life itself is just an illusion—”a dream within a dream.” It begins with a speaker parting from a lover (or at least, from someone with whom the speaker was very close), and ends with the speaker on a beach, attempting to grasp …

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