What represents hope for the future and the ability to achieve dreams in the poem as I grew older?

The darkness represents the despair, discrimination, persecution and inequality. The light represents hope for the future and the ability to achieve dreams.

What do the hands symbolize in as I grew older?

What do the speaker’s hands represent in the poem “As I Grew Older”? The speaker’s hands act as a symbol of protest, power, and fighting back. Though his hands were dark, they were not useless. He could do whatever he dreamed of by using these hands.

What has happened to the dream in the poem as I grew older?

Answer: The poet’s dream was lost, when a wall rose up high between him and his dream, blocking it by a dark shadow. … The wall is racism and a hurdle between the poet and his bright dream.

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What does the image of the sun stand for in the poem as I grew older?

The primary imagery in the poem is light and dark. The speaker of the poem compares his dream to the sun. Standing between the speaker and the sun are a wall and a shadow, blocking the light of the dream. … He sees the possibility of reaching the light, his dream. This poem ends with hope and strength.

What is the central idea of the poem as I grew older?

The fundamental theme of this poem is power in the reclamation of dreams. A familiar image in his poems, Hughes uses the idea of the dream as representation of how individuals can take action.

How does poet hope to recover his dream?

Answer: The poet Hope’s to recapture his dream by shattering the wall in between into a thousand lights of sun.

What does the shadow symbolize in as I grew older?

6 The Shadow The Shadow The Shadow: Represents defeat. The speaker lies down in the shadow when he has given up all hope of achieving his dreams.

What does the poet compare his dream to why do you think he chose to make the comparison?

The poet is comparing a bird with broken wings that cannot fly with a life without a dream. Explanation: … The poet has metaphorically compared a life without a dream with a bird with broken wings that cannot fly in the first stanza.

Why has the speaker turned black?

The speaker proclaims, “I am black.” He lies down in the shadows, which prevent the light of the dream from shining on him. … He wants that shadow to break apart into a “thousand lights of sun” and “a thousand whirling dreams / of sun!”

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What is the figure of speech of the poem as I grew older?

A simile is a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two unlike things using the words “like” or “as.” In “As I Grew Older,” Hughes employs this device when he writes that the dream he had “a long time ago” “was there then / In front of me / Bright like the sun.” The comparison between the brightness of his …

What does the sun symbolize for the speaker in the poem?

Langston Hughes uses two symbols in the poem, “As I Grew Older”, with his imagery of a sun that represents his dreams and a wall that keeps him from obtaining them. The sun in the poem symbolizes Hughes’ dream for equality and acceptance in a racist society that keeps him from achieving success or opportunities.

How are the images of light and darkness used in the poem As I Grew Older?

How are the images of light and darkness used in the poem? The poem is both optimistic and pessimistic. When the poet is young he is optimistic – he thinks he can achieve his dream. As he grows older he understands that he is not equal to others and cannot break the wall so he becomes pessimistic.

What does it rise between As I Grew Older?

As I Grew Older” is a poem about the dreams that the poet was unable to achieve because of racial subjugation and discrimination. … ‘ The poet says his dream, bright as the sun, was right in front of him until a wall rose between him and his dream.

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What seems to win finally in the battle between hope and despair as mentioned in the poem life?

Ans. The poet asserts that in the battle between hope and despair, though despair seems more powerful initially, it is hope that will win eventually. 6.

Is the poem as I grew older optimistic or pessimistic?

Answer: The initiation of the poem “As I grew older” is pessimistic.