Question: What does the poet of I Dream a World Dream?

The poem ” I Dream a World” is all about equality for the Balck Africans in America. Explanation: In the poem, the writer dreams of a day when everyone will be free and there will be no racism in America. He says that he dreams of the world when black and white both will share the bounties of earth.

What is Langston Hughes I Dream a World about?

‘I Dream a World’ by Langston Hughes is a moving poem about the future and what joys and freedom humanity can achieve. In the first lines of ‘I Dream a World,’ the poet states that he’s had a dream and that in it, all people are free. Love covers the earth and no one feels neglected or oppressed.

What are the wishes of the poet in I Dream a World?

The poet says that he desires a world where everybody (especially the Blacks) will enjoy the freedom-the freedom of speech, the freedom to roam anywhere etc. There will be no greed i.e. everybody will lend a helping hand.

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Who is the poet of the poem I Dream a World?

I Dream A World by Langston Hughes – I Dream A World Poem.

What is the meaning of avarice blights our day?

“Avarice blights our day” means an extreme desire for wealth makes our life tense and miserable.

What is the meaning of no other man will scorn?

No other man will scorn, The speaker opens with his vision of a new world, one where each person refrains from judging other people as worthless. This start to the poem immediately places individual accountability on each person.

What is the meaning of saps the soul?

saps the soul means poet want there is no greed in life every one is equal. taffy927x2 and 6 more users found this answer helpful. Thanks 4. 4.5.

What was the poet doing in his dream?

The poet in the poem dreams about his earlier times of his childhood when he had listened to the patter of the raindrops falling on the roof,and to his fond mother who made him sleep while he was asleep.

What does the poet compare joy with?

Answer: The Poet compares joy to the sunset behind clouds, sending a golden storm as glittering sheaver in the heart of sorrow.

What does the poet say about man?

Explanation: The poet says that life is same everywhere because Life are meant fir human and all human are same. … That’s why according to poet life is same everywhere in the poem “No men are foreign”.

What does the poet mean by man is free?

Answer: According to him, he wants a world where everybody be it White or Black, will have access to the resources without any discrimination. And there will be complete freedom in doing that. In this stanza, he expresses her desire for freedom to use Country resources without any discrimination or restriction.

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Why is poet sad and silent?

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This expression from the poem ‘The Photograph’ by Shirley Toulson means the truth and mystery of the poet’s mother’s death fills him with sadness. The constant pain she experiences on account of her loss makes her silent.

What does and joy like a pearl mean?

(a)The Simile has been used in these sentences to make a comparison between joy of human life and pearls in the ocean. (b) Tying to find pure joy in simple things is as rare a virtue as a sea diver who has found a pearl from deep ocean. The poet says joyful living is the necessity of all mankind.

What is the significance of the comparison between joy and Pearl?

Answer: this comparison is significant because is a pearl shine and sparkles, in the same way the poet wants that the joy would enshine his dream world . pearl also signifies wealth (money) as wealth meet all the requirements of mankind .

Where greed no longer saps the soul meaning?

Answer: Where greed no longer saps the soul” The use of personification conveys how there is a greater meaning to the line, as greed weakens one’s spirit and character. This conveys a moral boundary, knowing that greediness isn’t a fine quality in a person.