Frequent question: Why can’t George and candy still get the dream farm?

Candy and George still can’t get the dream farm because he wouldn’t do it without his friend, Lennie.

What happened to George and Candy’s dream?

George, Lennie and Candy’s dream is to own their own piece of land to work and live independently on. This dream is destroyed by Lennie’s ignorance and Lennie’s strength, which he cannot control.

Did Candy and George get the dream farm?

According to what the reader knows from the novel, George and Candy never buy the farm. In Chapter Five, after Candy discovers Curley’s wife dead in the barn, Candy immediately alerts George and shows him the body.

Why can’t George and Lennie achieve the American dream?

George and Lennie cannot achieve their dream because of their powerlessness in society and financial status. However, the mere possibility that they will someday achieve it gives them strength and the hope that they will someday have a better life.

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Does candy offer to buy in on the farm with George and Lennie?

Candy offers his $300 savings to help buy George and Lennie’s farm, if he can join them (see p. 65). Candy joins Crooks and Lennie in the harness room, Crooks’s home, and briefly tries to stand up to Curley’s wife (see pp. 82–5).

Why do George and Lennie share their dream with candy?

The dream farm now symbolizes the same hope and light to Candy as it has in the past to George and Lennie. In addition, Candy explains his fear of becoming useless as he ages and how this farm symbolizes a permanent place where he will belong and can contribute.

What is George’s answer to slim?

Slim and George have a long conversation. Slim says it’s funny how George and Lennie go around together. What is George’s answer? He explains that Lennie had no one else to take care of him, and George assumed the responsibility.

What does George do after Lennie dies?

After killing Lennie, George will never fulfill the dream of life on the farm. At the beginning of the novel, when George describes the dream to Lennie, he also describes other ranchers: “’They got no family. … They come to a ranch an’ work up a stake and then they go inta town and blow their stake…

Did George dream come true?

In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George and Lennie work hard, but in the end, their dreams didn’t come true. They both have a dream of owning a small farm with land and animals, where no one’s in charge of them and they can do what they want.

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Who does Carlson think has stolen his gun?

Who does Carlson think has stolen his Luger pistol? He thinks that Lennie had taken it to the meeting place.

Why can’t Candy and George still get the dream farm explain why George turns away from candy in Chapter 5?

Why can’t Candy and George still get the dream farm? Explain why George turns away from Candy in chapter 5. Candy and George still can’t get the dream farm because he wouldn’t do it without his friend, Lennie.

What was Candy’s American Dream?

Candy’s American Dream was to accompany George and Lennie on their journey to have their own land, and tend to farm animals.

Who does candy blame for the loss of his dream?

Whom does Candy blame for the murder? Why is he so angry at what has happened? Curley’s wife. Because her death kills the possibility of the dream he has with George and Lennie.

How does candy try to help George and Lennie achieve their dream Why does he do this?

Candy very much wants a dignified and comfortable way to live out his life once he can no longer work, which he expects to be soon. He offers to contribute his $350 toward the $600 needed to buy the land, and says he’ll write a will so his interest in the land will pass to George and Lennie when he dies.

Where does candy get his money?

When Candy lost his hand while working, he was given $250 from the boss. He also has another $50 in the bank saved from his paychecks.

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Why does candy regret not shooting his dog himself?

Candy didn’t want to kill the dog himself and lets Carlson to do it. When the dog was killed, Candy regrets on not killing his dog himself because he didn’t want someone who didn’t care for the dog to kill it. He wanted to show the dog that it was the best for him and it was for his mercy.