Frequent question: Did lucid dreams Sample the message?

This time, Juice raps over Nas’ 1996 song “The Message,” the first song to sample Sting’s “Shape of My Heart.” His biggest hit to date, “Lucid Dreams,” also samples the Sting’s 1993 track.

Is lucid dreaming plagiarized?

The band claimed that the rapper plagiarised parts of their song “Holly Wood Died” in “Lucid Dreams.” The band were suing for damages, past and future royalties for “Lucid Dreams” and profits from Juice WRLD’s tours. Since the filing, the lawsuit has been put on pause numerous times.

Who did Lucid Dreams copy?

In November 2018, producer Nick Mira revealed that Sting owned 85% of the rights to “Lucid Dreams,” which features an interpolation of his 1993 hit “Shape of My Heart”.

What was the inspiration for Lucid Dreams?

Though Sting has yet to meet Juice WRLD — whose breakthrough single “Lucid Dreams” is built around the guitar riff from his 1993 track “Shape of My Heart” — the British singer/songwriter says he owes the 19-year-old rapper/singer a debt of thanks.

Did Juice WRLD sample my heart shape?

Juice WRLD used elements of the classic Sting song “Shape of My Heart” in his 2018 track “Lucid Dreams” and later had to give up 85 percent of the copyright to Sting and co-writer Dominic Miller. Sting described “Lucid Dreams” as a “beautiful interpretation that is faithful to the original song’s form.”

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How long did it take to write Lucid Dreams?

The rapper explains that he wrote the song in his family room when he was a senior in high school. He began with the chorus, then moved on to a verse, and continued writing pieces until he assembled them together like a puzzle. Once Juice WRLD went to the studio, it only took him 20 minutes or so to record the track.

Did Nas sample Sting?

While “Shape of My Heart,” from his 1993 album Ten Summoner’s Tales, did not chart in the U.S., Nas and Carl Thomas have sampled the song, with Thomas’ “Emotional” climbing to No. … 8 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in 2001.

What is Juice WRLD’s last song?

“Legends” is a song by American rapper Juice Wrld. It was released as the second single from his EP Too Soon.. on June 22, 2018, three days after the EP’s release.

Legends (Juice Wrld song)

Genre Emo rap homage
Length 3:12
Label Grade A Interscope
Songwriter(s) Denzel Baptiste David Biral Jarad Higgins

What is Juice WRLD first song?

His first track, “Forever”, was released on SoundCloud in 2015 under the name JuicetheKidd. Higgins recorded most of his first tracks on a cellphone, uploading them to SoundCloud in his sophomore year.

Who does juice WRLD sing about in lucid dreams?

She told MailOnline their romance broke down after she tried to get him clean from drugs and he turned violent. Alexia also alleged that record label bosses in LA were so desperate to sign him they plied him morphine and cocaine. She said: “Seven days away from me, he ended up in the hospital.

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