You asked: What zodiac sign is Luffy?

Luffy. Like most Aries, Luffy enters conflict unafraid, and thinks that all battles are games to be won. Though headstrong and reckless enough to do anything (whether to prove himself or just for fun), Luffy acts chaotically for the better of his loved ones, similar to this sign.

Is Luffy a Taurus?

He’s strong-willed and doesn’t give up on his high dreams as well! He loves meat and would do anything to get it. So, if you’re a Taurus you’re the determined Monkey D. Luffy!

What sign is usopp?

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Usopp.

What Zodiac is ju?

Gemini (astrology)

Zodiac quality Mutable
Sign ruler Mercury
Detriment Jupiter
Exaltation North Node

Who is Leo in one piece?

“Warrior” Leo is a dwarf from the Tontatta Kingdom and the leader of the “Tonta Corps ” (トンタ兵長, Tonta-heichō?), which was later reformed as a pirate crew now known as the Tontatta Pirates, with Leo now acting as the captain. He is the captain of the fifth ship of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

Is Luffy an Aries?

12 Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19): Monkey D.

Luffy is the definitive adventurer. Looking into the deep abyss with a cheerful smile and natural curiosity, Luffy takes on the world with a mound of ambition and openness for everything.

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What Zodiac is Robin?

5 Damian Wayne/Robin 5 – Taurus.

What Zodiac is Naruto?

5 Naruto: Libra

Born under the sign of Libra, his life begins when Kurama is used to attack the village.

What is DEKU zodiac sign?

11 Taurus: Midoriya (Deku)

What is Frankie’s zodiac sign?

2 Aquarius – Frankie

Though fiercely intelligent, friendly, and imaginative, she also has many of the other less desirable traits that are associated with this sign, including a certain unreliability and a tendency to follow her impulses.

What animal is a Gemini?


It isn’t a surprise that the spirit animal of a Gemini is a deer. With an insane amount of energy, they are fun and intelligent creatures who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there.

Who should a Gemini marry?

The three best matches for the Gemini characteristics are Libra, Aries, and Aquarius. However, Libra and Gemini are THE perfect match. They are both guided by the element of Air and this should give them a good start for their mental connection and verbal reasoning.

Is Jacob a Virgo?

Jacob Black seems to be diametrically opposed to so many of the other characters in Twilight, because he’s outgoing and fun-loving, but can also be temperamental and has trouble hiding his emotions. So then, Jacob is truly a Sagittarius through and through.

What is Luffy birthday?

Aika is a young pirate-in-training, and the cabin girl of the Straw Hat Pirates, being one of the crew’s three youngest members. She is the younger half-sister of Monkey D. Luffy, daughter of Monkey D.

What anime characters are Pisces?

Best Pisces Anime Characters

  • Subaru Sumeragi – Tokyo Babylon. …
  • Osaki Nana – Nana. …
  • Eiri Yuki – Gravitation. …
  • Kyoko Sasakawa – Reborn. …
  • Sanji – One Piece. …
  • Italy Veneziano – Hetalia Axis Powers. …
  • Mitsukuni Haninozuka – Ouran High School Host Club. …
  • Takeru Totsuka – Kamigami no Asobi.
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