What zodiac sign is Jafar?

Jafar oozes charisma, just as astrology says a Libra should. Libras are also natural skeptics, so it’s no wonder Jafar sees that “Prince Ali” is too good to be true.

What zodiac sign is Jafar from Aladdin?

Jafar from Aladdin is for sure a Virgo, as he’s passionate about his crazy schemes to get the magic lamp, use the genie to become powerful, and then take over for the sultan in ruling Agrabah.

What zodiac sign is Cruella?

Aries: Cruella de Vil

Cruella is definitely an Aries as she is very passionate about bringing down the Baroness and will stop at nothing to do so. While her stunts are well-planned and thought through, her actions appear very impulsive.

What zodiac sign is Cinderella?

Cancer (June 21-July 22), Cinderella.

What zodiac sign is Pinocchio?

8 Pinocchio – Leo

Pinocchio is incredibly courageous and resourceful, as well.

What Disney villain is a Aquarius?

2 Aquarius – Maleficent

In the pantheon of Disney villains, Maleficent stands a little above the rest. As an Aquarius, she is very intelligent, but in her, that trait is twisted and combined with a belief in the absolute rightness of her own perspective.

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What Disney princess is a Leo?

Leo: Moana

Notably, unlike many Disney princesses, Moana has other excellent options available to her. But as much as she loves her island, family, and even the prospect of becoming chief, she just can’t ignore the pull of the ocean.

What is Belle’s zodiac sign?

Aquarius: Belle

Belle is intellectual, a voracious reader, and eccentric to the point that most people in her village find her strange. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks, however, and finds happiness through her own independence. This makes her a true Aquarius.

What villain is a Pisces?

Pisces: Kronk

He’s not the main antagonist in “The Emperor’s New Groove,” and some would argue he’s not villainous at all — in fact, many fans might root for him. But his role in the story is as Yzma’s minion, so we think he’s the closest Pisces gets to villain territory.

What Disney villain is a Capricorn?

Capricorn Villain: Scar

Scar is slighted. Scar is power-hungry, but always passed over in favor of his born-to-rule bother.

What is Anna zodiac sign?

For the summer solstice, Anna was born around June 21, making her a Gemini-Cancer cusp. Sagittarius sun signs, just like Elsa, are known for being adventurous and free-spirited. For Anna, who would exhibit signs of both a Gemini and a Cancer, her search for true love and her huge heart totally makes sense.

What is Pocahontas zodiac sign?

Pocahontas is probably a Taurus zodiac sign, which belongs to the Earth element of astrology, along with Virgo and Capricorn. The symbol of Taurus is the bull, which represents a bull-headed nature. As a Taurus zodiac sign, Pocahontas is understanding because she always look at situations from different perspectives.

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What Zodiac is Mulan?

22), Mulan. A fire sign, ruled by the sun and symbolized by a lion, Leos can be described in one powerful word: fierce. Like Mulan, you are stubborn, passionate, and most importantly, incredibly loyal.

What Disney movie is Pisces?

1 Pisces: The Little Mermaid

Pisces is a shoo-in to be represented by The Little Mermaid. Of course, Pisces is a water sign which creates the obvious connection, but Pisces will also see themselves in the dreaminess of the movie.

What is Merida’s zodiac sign?

23-Nov. 21), Merida. Often considered the most powerful zodiac sign, Scorpios are brave, resilient, passionate, and resourceful.

Which Disney characters are Aquarius?

5 Disney Characters We Imagine Are Totally Aquarius

  • Merida from Brave. Merida is the ultimate Aquarius type. …
  • Flynn Rider from Tangled. …
  • Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. …
  • Moana from Moana. …
  • Elsa from Frozen.