What zodiac sign does Mars rule?

What zodiac rules Mars?

Mars is the ruling planet of the emotionally deep sign of Scorpio and the fiery leader of the zodiac, Aries. It’s at home (or in astro speak, “in its domicile”) when it’s in these two signs, meaning it’s able to fully express itself with ease. … Mars takes around two years to move through the entire zodiac.

What does Mars rule in your birth chart?

Mars’ Meaning In Your Birth Chart

The placement of Mars — the planet of energy, action, and sex — can shed light on your sexuality, your energy, the desires that light you up inside and how you make moves to fulfill them, and how you cope with and express anger and aggression.

Does Mars rule Aries or Scorpio?

Mars, which is aptly named after the god of war, is the planet of passion, action, and sexuality. Mars traditionally ruled over both Scorpio and the fire sign Aries, which it still rules in the modern practice.

Why does Mars rule Aries?

Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, you’re the eldest child in this family. … It makes sense, then, that Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and, according to ancient Roman mythology, the God of War. Mars is all about energy, passion and self-starting, leaving Aries with an inherent, undeniable confidence.

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What is Mars in Pisces?

Mars in Pisces is the champion of the underdog and the forsaken. And these natives can also seem rudderless at times, or take a passive approach to situations. The ability to go with the flow makes them vulnerable to stronger wills until they’ve learned to trust their intuitive radar.

What does Mars in Scorpio want?

The thing is, although physical passion is paramount for Mars in Scorpio, it’s more than that. It’s about hunger, those needs that lie at the core of you…and it’s about pure soul. … Mars in Scorpio doesn’t flirt. When he wants something (or someone), he wants all of her, completely, for ever and ever.

What do Mars in Taurus like?

Mars in Taurus gives you a passion for sturdy, lovely things. You might be into collecting antiques or restoring homes, or you may have a knack for playing the market. Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus, whose domain is beauty, craft, and money, as well as love and friendship.

What planet is Aquarius?

Mars in Gemini is a particularly powerful astrological transit, especially when it comes to all things romance. … Gemini is big on banter and witty repartee, while Mars governs our basic, sexual desires and animal instincts, so the two together make for quite the steamy duo.

Is Mars in Scorpio good?

Scorpio is a sign of power—used for good and ill. Mars Scorpio has an instinct for the energy of others and what’s unseen, like hidden desires. … It’s a Mars that gets really into other people’s business when they don’t have a wholly absorbing roster of personal preoccupations.

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What planet is Scorpio?

“When in Virgo, Mars is under messenger Mercury’s territory, so it will adopt the cosmic messenger’s analytical skills, curiosity, and interests.” If you love being a busy bee, this transit is perfect to let those vibes run free. For the next month or so, staying busy, focused, and productive is the name of the game.