Quick Answer: What zodiac sign is Kagome?

Kagome is none other than a Pisces, a sign known for being the most emotionally intelligent of the Zodiac. Kagome may have moments where her emotions get the best of her but combined with her intuition, she can always get back on track.

Is Inuyasha a Aries?

Inuyasha’s a typical Aries and is very bold and a natural leader. He’s always leading his crew.

What zodiac sign is Mera?

Taurus: You’re Mera.

What is Tris’s zodiac sign?

9 Cancer – Dauntless

Like Tris, who is Dauntless at heart, they’re tenacious and run with their emotions. Perhaps Cancer seems too sensitive to be sorted into Dauntless, but Dauntless is actually one of the most emotionally driven of the factions.

What zodiac sign is Maddy?

12 Aries: Maddy Perez.

What is sesshomaru’s Zodiac?

3 Capricorn: Sesshomaru

Despite the meddling of Naraku and the others, Sesshomaru’s driven nature allows him to focus on his one goal. Like a Capricorn, Sesshomaru has a one-track mind.

What anime characters are Pisces?

Best Pisces Anime Characters

  • Subaru Sumeragi – Tokyo Babylon. …
  • Osaki Nana – Nana. …
  • Eiri Yuki – Gravitation. …
  • Kyoko Sasakawa – Reborn. …
  • Sanji – One Piece. …
  • Italy Veneziano – Hetalia Axis Powers. …
  • Mitsukuni Haninozuka – Ouran High School Host Club. …
  • Takeru Totsuka – Kamigami no Asobi.
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What Zodiac is Aquaman?

(Aquaman, naturally, is an Aquarius.)

Is Aquaman a Pisces?

Putting the obvious aside, Aquaman is clearly a Pisces. Although one of Earth’s greatest heroes, he often has difficulty expressing his emotions, which is decidedly a Pisces trait. … Like most Pisces, Aquaman is more susceptible to the tides of changing emotions and often lashes out before reason can take hold.

What Zodiac is Bakugou?

4 Sagittarius — Katsuki Bakugo.

What is Luz zodiac?

Luz: Pisces. Pisces’ are compassionate and artistic, and they want to escape reality.

What faction would Gemini be in?

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Amity

Amity is also a faction of huggers, and you can totally get onboard with that.

What zodiac signs are the Twilight characters?

The Twilight Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

  • Aries — Emmett Cullen and Sam Uley. Summit Entertainment. …
  • Scorpio — The Volturi. Summit Entertainment. …
  • Libra — Charlie Swan. Summit Entertainment. …
  • Aquarius — Esme Cullen. …
  • Leo — Rosalie Hale. …
  • Capricorn — Jasper Hale. …
  • Pisces — Renesmee Cullen. …
  • Virgo — Carlisle Cullen.

Is rue a Virgo?

As a Virgo, Rue is systematic and structured, yet extremely loyal and critical. That is especially true of her detective moments with Lexi.

Is rue a Pisces?

Rue | Sagittarius

Rue could be a lot of things. Perhaps that’s why a Sagittarius is her most likely correlation.

What is Regina George’s zodiac sign?

As a Capricorn zodiac sign, Regina works hard to achieve her goals.